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If you’re not making enough money from your current investment property, and you’re tired of trying to make it work, then let Tristone save the investment. As the leading experts in residential property management in Calgary, we can turn your investment property into a money-making machine, generating consistent income from reliable tenants while growing its resale and capital. Better yet, we’ll do all this and manage your property, so you get your time back. It’s easier to make money from your property with Tristone, so why not contact our team today?

Maximize Your Investment

Your investment’s resale value and growth suffer in the long term without a licensed and professional property manager maximizing its potential. That’s our role. We can boost your property’s value with savvy improvements and maintenance, making it desirable to tenants and buyers. Our excellent management means a higher margin in the present and better sale value in the future.

Stress-Free Service

We take the headache out of owning residential and investment properties. Our attentive managers will proactively take on any requests while being available for any enquiries, ensuring that all your needs are met rapidly and precisely. The result is an easy-going service where you get to relax and watch the money flow in.

Rewarding Tax Time

Having a Tristone property manager on your side means zero stress, zero worries, and all rewards. Not only will we handle all maintenance and personal requests, but we’ll keep track of all finances with detailed bookkeeping, making tax time a breeze. We’ll highlight potential tax deductions, benefits and how you can make more every year.

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What You’ll Enjoy with Our Residential Property Management

Do you have a second home in Chestermere? Or a vacation home in Banff? What about several investment properties throughout Southern Alberta? It doesn’t matter what you own or what you need, we’ll cater our property management services to your situation, so you get results that benefit you – and you only! 

Comprehensive Property Management Services

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Guaranteed Rental Income
The Tristone Rental Pool Program

Rental pools provide a Guaranteed Rental income, and are often an enticing feature for residential real estate owners and investors. Rental Pools give you the option to combine a group of rentals into one real estate portfolio that cooperatively shares expenses and/or income. This type of investing helps ensure owners a monthly payment regardless of tenant turnovers, market fluctuations or other variables.

In this format, any vacancy for any period of time and minor maintenance cost is split across all the units in the pool. This is an effective way to reduce your risks and stabilize your rental unit income for the long term.

To participate in one of our existing rental pools, your unit must meet standards for both upgrades and maintenance. Once inspected and approved all you need to do is sign the rental pool agreement. Your unit will officially join the rental pool once we rent it for the first time. As we are a fully licensed real estate brokerage, all rental income and security deposits are held in trust accounts governed and audited yearly by the Real Estate Council of Alberta.

What Makes Tristone the Best in Residential Property Management?

We get it; it can be difficult to choose the right property management company for your residential property. You want a team with experience and knowledge of the real estate market, a track record of proven success, a streamlined process that reduces headaches and a personalized plan that works for your goals and ambitions. Thankfully, Tristone ticks all these boxes.


We’re the leading residential and investment property managers that take your property to the next level. Through detailed and organized financial bookkeeping, we’ll assess the numbers to see how we can improve your ROI and ask for a higher asking price. On the management side, we’ll keep your property updated with high-quality maintenance from leading contractors in Calgary, bringing in the highest possible market rents.


If you want to experience true financial growth with your property, Tristone is the team for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We utilize a wealth of advertising platforms to promote your rental property to your desired audience. This includes top-listing rental listing websites and traditional marketing methods.
It all depends on your requests. We can conduct inspections quarterly, bi-annual or annually, or after a tenant moves in or out of your property. We’ll provide you with an overview of the status and condition of your investment.
Your property manager will oversee all property maintenance. Whether based on your requests or those from the tenant, we’ll contact reliable and trustworthy contractors and tradesmen to handle any upgrades, improvements or repairs on your property. We’ll keep all receipts and documentation for tax purposes.
Yes, we can. By implementing a comparative rental market analysis, we can assess your property compared to others in the area. We’ll compare price, amenities, location and all essential factors to determine how much rent you should charge.
Ultimately, it depends on the type of service you’re providing. Having furniture in the rental means you can charge a higher rate, but also means these items could be damaged or extensively used by the tenants. We can discuss your options during our consultation.