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Buying and owning a condominium is a popular and reliable investment, particularly if you have the right team to help you navigate important elements of property management–and that team is Tristone. As leading real estate experts, we are dedicated to assisting building owners with services that include forging a friendly and positive living environment within the condominium community, working closely with the condo board to instill confidence that the building is secure and protected, and finding solutions for any issue that tenants have. We understand the complexities that come with owning a building where a community resides, and with our proactive approach, we will help curate a compelling, organized and manageable condominium that will generate a passive income.

With our abundant experience and knowledge in property management, we will remove the stress of managing a property, from helping owners navigate setting budgets and unit owner relations to minimizing community issues, rent collection and bookkeeping, so you have more time for yourself. For a condo management company in Calgary that makes your life and finances easier and better, call us now. 


Investors, homeowners and landlords have always told us the same thing: it’s difficult to manage a condo. They’ve also told us how much better we’ve made their lives. Our headache-free management relieves any stress and burden off your shoulders, allowing us to do what we do best: make your condo make money for you.

Boost Your Condominium Value and Community

Working with Tristone means being able to boost the value of your condominium building and the community utilizing our innate expertise. By working directly with the condinuium board in expidizing matters related to the budget and property improvements, we will procure results that will increase the value of your building and its property. More so, we will establish a sense of pride and mutual respect amongst the condominium community that make our work possible.

Enjoy Consistent,
Passive Income

We utilize precise marketing to highlight the best features of your condo, targeting the ideal tenants. Our advanced screening methods, such as income, criminal and character checks, can determine if they’re reliable for your condo. We’ll support them throughout their stay, securing them for the long-term while ensuring you enjoy consistent, monthly income.

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What You’ll Enjoy with Our Condo Property Management Company

How good would life be if your condo management company gave you everything you wanted? Luckily, you’ll get that from Tristone. We utilize our professional and reliable services so that your property receives the attention and care it deserves, ensuring you and your tenants are always 100% satisfied.
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What Makes Tristone the Best in Condo Management?

Reliable with a proven record, experienced with a thorough understanding of the real estate market, and an eye for the future, you’ll get to enjoy all this – and much more – with Tristone.

Our condo property managers stand above all others due to our commitment to our clients. Not only do we provide a wealth of comprehensive services, but we cater them to your situation. Everyone is different, and you shouldn’t receive cookie-cutter treatment. You should get a plan that works for your goals and ambitions, and we’ll execute it to the finest detail.

We operate with integrity and transparency, providing you with constant communication and fast responses, so your condo’s intrinsic value is always improving. You’ll enjoy a wealth of financial opportunities, including consistent income, tax breaks and long-term capital growth from our 5-Star condo management company.

Whether you live in Calgary, Airdrie or Chestermere, when it comes to condo management there is no one better for your residential property than Tristone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While apartments and condos are similar, they are different in terms of ownership. Apartments are usually owned by a single entity, usually a corporation, and then is leased to individual tenants. Condos, on the other hand, are individually owned by people (homeowners or investors) and managed by a condo board and property management company. We can assist with both apartment and condo buildings.

It depends on the number of condos we manage, the building and any extra services you require. On average, ​​it costs roughly 5 to 10% of the monthly rental income.

Indeed, we can as it’s part of our role as property managers. We’ll use a comparative rental market analysis to determine what the rental rate of your condo should be. We’ll compare your condo, the building, and special features to others in the area to establish a rental amount that targets your preferred tenants.

Subleasing occurs when the current tenants of your condo rent it out to another. This can occur in many situations without the landlord knowing. We’ll ensure your property is protected against this by placing essential stipulations into the rental agreement.
Yes, you should make it mandatory for your renters to have insurance. If your tenant doesn’t have insurance, they might not be able to cover any damages to the property. This can cause issues between yourself and the tenant.